More than 40 years creating our style.

The first Mariona store, founded by Mariona Baulenas, opened its doors in 1978 and soon managed to establish itself as one of the leading multi-brand stores in women's fashion in Barcelona.

Together with her daughter, Esther Pujol, they formed the Mariona style by carefully selecting current, comfortable and elegant pieces from the best national and international fashion brands. For Esther, Mariona is synonymous with perseverance, closeness and a selection of carefully chosen garments so that they look good and that they are comfortable to wear.

Knowing her clients perfectly, Esther began to shape Mariona's own collection, with casual and feminine garments, where the secret lies in the details and patterns of each collection. Currently, together with her daughter Mariona Carbó, they have grown this collection and made it an essential among their brands.

During these three generations they have managed to overcome labels and ages, creating a space where mother, daughter and granddaughter find what they are looking for with their own style.

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